Heaven a prepared placed for a prepared people

We offer:

 • Certificates in Ministry

 • Associate degrees in Ministry

 • Bachelor degrees in Ministry or Theology

 • Master degrees in Ministry, Divinity or Theology

 • Doctorate degrees in Divinity or Theology

Registration is in August each year.


For more information call 251-421-2378 or email info@preparingforeternalprofits-bc.org

Founded By:

Dr. Netha Johnson DDIV  DTH  PHD President


Established May 26, 2013

Certified and Endorsed by

The National Association of Private Theological Institutes



Accredited By

The National Bible College Association



Preparing For Eternal Profits Bible College

Dr. Netha Johnson DDIV  DTH  PHD President

Phone: 251-421-2378

Email: info@preparingforeternalprofits-bc.org